Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I had hoped I would be flooded by questions and comments after my first blog post...perhaps I need to make the first move. I am going to begin by answering some frequently asked questions when someone calls to inquire about the adoption journey and what is different about Family Adoption Services. If you have read our web know some basic information about us, but my goal is to share with you what makes us different. Please note that when I use the words "birth mother" the words "birth parents", also apply in some circumstances.  

1. First of all, we are cute, funny, helpful, open, friendly, easy to work with, supportive, loving, cheerful, thrifty, kind and brave. When you call our office you will speak with either Rick, Susan, Jason, Mandy or Bekah.
2. Family Adoption Services has two in-house attorneys on staff with over 37 years of combined experience.
3. We are available to talk with you 24 hours a day...7 days a week. Please do not call  in the middle of the night unless you are in labor.  :o)
4. There are three adoption fees with our agency; an application fee to process your paperwork, a home study fee and the adoption fee, due after the placement of a child. These fees include all legal costs. We do not discuss our fee schedule on our web site or on this blog.
5. Our agency operates under a system of guidelines, not rules. We treat each birth mother and each "forever family" on an individual basis.
6. Family Adoption Services' objective is to work with couples who are childless, due to infertility, or who only have one other child, either biological or adopted.
7. Written "Dear Birth Mother Letters" are presented to our birth mother to allow her to choose the "forever family" for her child. We do not use picture albums of adoptive parents.
8. In an effort to protect our "forever families", they are not told when their "Dear Birth Mother Letter" is being shown.
9. A "forever family" will not know about the birth of a baby or a child being placed with them until after the birth mother's legal five day waiting period has run. There may be minor exceptions.
10. Since we are  licensed to do business in the State of Alabama, we only work with birth mothers in Alabama.

Ok, that should be enough for you to digest today.




  1. I am so lucky you guys were placed In our life. God is so good. Your agency is the best one by far that we have worked with. I always know I can call Susan whenever I need her. They are wonderful at checking in and giving updates to the waiting families. We are so blessed to call you family!!!

  2. Susan, you are such a love. Working with you and knowing you are cheering as much for us as we are makes all the difference. We are so thankful God blessed us not only with our child, but with you.