Sunday, April 7, 2013


Good Morning!
I want to share the following link that I just received on Facebook. I really don't need to write a lot, Willie says it all.

Willie is right, Family Adoption Services is hearing the same thing as Willie said. A lot of judgement about interracial adoption...adoption in general...COMES FROM THE CHURCH. Not only are young girls who become pregnant being expelled from their Christian Schools, some churches are anti-adoption altogether. Fortunately, we see these adopted children changing families, churches and communities.

It seems to me that international adoption is more accepted than adopting a child of a different race from the United States. Why are we not supporting our pregnant women in the United States? Women who have chosen LIFE for their unborn child are then being shamed by their families into keeping them.

I cannot tell you how many times FAS has had a homeless, pregnant woman, with no place to live. I can't tell you how many times Rick and I have said, "If we only had a home where these women could stay".

There are three choices a woman has when she finds out she is pregnant, abortion, parenting or adoption. I believe  God creates every life. I am an adoptive parent...Rick and I own Family Adoption know my choice.

Family Adoption Services sees EVERY DAY that families adopting children of color are CHANGING THE WORLD.  LOVE DOES NOT HAVE A COLOR.


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