Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Good Morning,
I wanted to share a beautiful story with you about one of our "forever families" and their loving and grateful hearts. From the very beginning, this family has shown so much love and respect for their birth mother. They have regularly shared pictures and updates of their amazing child with her. Our couples sign an agreement, as part of their adoption contract, that they will send pictures and updates to the birth parents at their request. This family however has gone above and beyond their commitment. It is not unusual to receive something in the mail from them to be sent to their birth mother and her child without even being asked.

Three weeks ago, we received a letter, several pictures of the baby and beautiful crosses for the birth mother and her daughter. What an amazing gift of love!
I wanted to share this with you as an example of two people who love the woman who gave birth to their child. They are not afraid or intimated by her, but honor her for the selfless gift she gave to them. They want her to know and see that the baby is happy and healthy and well adjusted.

Our goal at Family Adoption Services is to help birth parents understand that placing their child for adoption is a GIFT. That there is no shame in what they are doing. We understand the sacrifice they are making. Our goal is to work with a birth mother or birth parents, helping them make their decision peacefully, knowing that what they are doing is in the best interest of their child, perhaps other children they might have and also for themselves.

If pictures, letters, cards and gifts of love allow a birth parent the peace of mind that adoption is not the end...but allows them a loving connection with the child they share, then loss and grief can turn to joy and pride.
Each time I see a picture of this beautiful child...his smile that lights up a room...I remember the woman who gave him life and will always love him and the family who adores their son and is now a forever family through the


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