Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

 Good Afternoon!
 What a beautiful spring day! I hope you are doing something fun!
I questioned the title of this post for awhile... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. There is a huge range of emotions for so many women on the second Sunday in May. Sunday will be a day when those of us who are Mothers will receive cards, flowers, gifts and hopefully will be relieved of our cooking duties.
For some of you, your Mother's Days is yet to be celebrated. You are still waiting patiently in God's time. Some of you are Mothers without have carried a child, but not to term. Some of you are Mothers, and your child is no longer with you.
Sunday will bring joy, sorrow, frustration, grief, peace, thanksgiving, loss, hope and hopelessness. I have experienced every one of those emotions. Not only for myself, but with many, many women. I have been part of many women's journey to become Mothers. I have prayed for them, answered questions, held their hands, cried with them and hopefully encouraged them.
And then there is a totally different group of Mothers. I have prayed for them, answered their questions, held their hands, cried with them, hopefully encouraged them, reassured them, praised them and I will always love them. Those selfless women who through strength of character, difficult circumstances and broken hearts...have chosen adoption for their child. They hand me a piece of their body and their heart to give the gift of their child and Motherhood to someone. They are my heroes. I am in awe of them!!!
If you are reading have a Mother, you might be a Mother or you might be waiting to become a Mother....but the bottom line is Sunday is Mother's Day. Someone gave birth to you, you gave birth to someone, or someone has given or will give birth so that you can become a Mother.
My Mother died last September, she will always be my Mother and I will never stop loving her. I have never been pregnant and I am a Mother. I am Hannah and Grant's Mother. Molly is Hannah's biological Mother and Teresa is Grant's biological Mother. Loving these two precious women has been part of my life since before Hannah and Grant were born. I will always love them.
"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never ends"

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